Affordable and effective bushfire sprinkler protection.

The Platypus bushfire sprinkler system was inspired by the need for an affordable and simple to install bushfire sprinkler that provides protection to homes, commercial and public assets from ember attack in the event of a bushfire. Inventor and creator of the latest in bushfire protection is a pump and water supply plumbing expert, Jamie Boyles.

‘Following several years of research and development the first prototype was tested in 2010 with the final and quite unique Platypus Sprinkler being launched in February 2014. Engineered to the highest standards and assembled in Australia, our tireless and dedicated effort to source every component from reputable Australian and European manufacturers and suppliers has resulted in a state-of-the-art bushfire sprinkler system that will become the industry benchmark. Our Platypus Sprinkler bush fire protection system has been designed to provide effective ember protection using minimal water in the most efficient way. ‘ Jamie Boyles, Platypus Sprinkler inventor.

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