Sprinkler Designed for Fire Ember Protection

The Platypus bushfire sprinkler can be installed during construction of new homes and buildings so that the pipework can be concealed or in the case of existing dwellings and buildings they can be easily and cost effectively retrofitted with exposed pipework.

The Platypus bushfire sprinkler has a twin outlet head that spins on a central shaft.
The design of the head ensures water droplets spray out and down from the sprinkler head, and water is sprayed in a full circle spray pattern.

A unique feature of the Platypus bushfire sprinkler is it doesn't have an outer support frame around the spinner, this ensures the water stream is not broken and therefore the concentration of large droplets dispersed by the Platypus Sprinkler is higher and less wind effected---this means more of your water stays on the building. Other sprinklers that have an outer support frame produce smaller droplets and mist---making them less effective.

Another benefit of the Platypus Sprinkler is its lower optimum operating pressure, this means you can run more sprinklers at once using standard size pumps.

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