Sprinkler Pressure, Flow and Spacing Guide

Install sprinkler nozzles along the roof fascia and/or ridgeline according to the guidelines below.

Nozzles available in the following sizes
Maximum spacing between sprinkler heads
Nominal flow rate at

2.5 mm
3.5 metres
6 lpm

3.2 mm
3.5 metres
9 lpm

4.0 mm
4.0 metres
14 lpm

Optimum pressure for each nozzle is 300 kPa.

We recommend using our Flow Control Inserts to ensure optimum performance.
  • mm - millimetres - nozzle size
  • kPa - kilopascals - required pressure at each sprinkler head
  • lpm - litres per minute - flow rate of sprinkler
  • m - metres - maximum spacing between sprinkler heads

This information is provided as a guide only.
Note - All data is based on laboratory testing in no wind conditions.

Flow and pressure data available on request for 50-350kPa.
Flow, pressure and stream height data as tested by University of South Australia is also available on request.

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