Typical Sprinkler Installation

Sprinkler heads are typically mounted around the perimeter of the dwelling in line with the top edge of the spouting and can also be fitted to the ridgeline.

Water from the sprinklers keeps accumulated debris in gutters wet and a curtain of water ensures that embers blown in by wind are met with water.

Water flow under pressure from a pump* is forced from the dual outlet spinner in a 360° spray pattern. Because water is placed between the fire and the building any wind driven flame or ember will be dampened.

You will often see a fireman advance on a fire with his hose spraying in a wide pattern to protect him from the radiant heat. The Platypus bushfire sprinkler works in much the same way.

*pumps able to provide a 250-300kPa operating pressure at the sprinkler heads can be electric with a genset or petrol & diesel driven pumps.

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