How can the Platypus bushfire sprinkler save public assets

Professional installation of the Platypus bushfire sprinkler system ensures maximum public asset fire protection.

The system sprays water onto the asset requiring protection and also provides a curtain effect surrounding the asset structure and surrounding ground. Installing fire sprinklers on decking handrails, perimeter fences and any other areas at risk of debris build up is also wise. Solar panels can also be an area where debris can build up, consider additional Platypus bushfire sprinklers for these areas.

Our bushfire sprinkler is the sensible and reliable fire protection solution because it minimises water usage and maximises the effect of water usage. Unlike other asset fire protection sprinklers on the market, tests clearly show water sprayed from the Platypus bushfire sprinkler head is less wind affected because of water droplet size and the downward direction of water spray.

A standard fire pump typically operates 40 of the 2.5mm Platypus bushfire sprinklers spaced at a maximum of 3.5 meters apart. An operating pressure of 250-300kPa is recommended to ensure maximum droplet size. Large public asset installations may opt for a higher rate pump, allowing for more sprinklers. Automatic start-up systems can also be added to allow for unmanned operation and protection of the asset.

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