How It Works

How the Platypus® Sprinkler Works

Our sprinkler system is designed for maximum protection from ember attack on residential, commercial or public assets in the event of a bushfire.


Sprinkler Designed for Fire Ember Protection

The Platypus Sprinkler can be installed during construction of new homes and buildings so that the pipework can be concealed or in the case of existing dwellings and buildings they can be easily and cost effectively retrofitted with exposed pipework.

The Platypus Sprinkler has a twin outlet head that spins on a central shaft.
The design of the head ensures water droplets spray out and down from the sprinkler head, and water is sprayed in a full circle spray pattern.

A unique feature of the Platypus Sprinkler is it doesn’t have an outer support frame around the spinner, this ensures the water stream is not broken and therefore the concentration of large droplets dispersed is higher and less wind effected—this means more of your water stays on the building. Other sprinklers that have an outer support frame produce smaller droplets and mist—making them less effective.


Platypus® Bushfire Sprinkler Features

  • Latest Sprinkler Design
  • Effective Ember Protection
  • Flow & Pressure Tested
  • Engineered to Highest Quality
  • 12 month warranty
  • Efficient Water Use
  • Aust Patent 2012254967
  • US Patent 9,403,175


Sprinkler Head

  • Glass reinforced nylon with flame retardant and UV stabiliser, designed to meet UL94 – V1 @ 1.6mm with 316 stainless steel insert

Inlet shaft & nozzle

  • 316 stainless steel


  • PTFE with graphite and carbon fibre

Platypus® Ember Protection System Benefits

  • Affordable and effective ember sprinkler protection for homes, commercial and public assets from an ember attack in the event of a bushfire
  • From onsite inspection of your new ember protection system through to product recommendation and supply, we do it all
  • We can also maintain your sprinkler systems and consult on existing pump, water supply and ember protection systems
  • The Platypus sprinkler system minimises water usage but maximises the effect of water usage
  • Unlike other home fire sprinklers on the market, tests show water sprayed from our sprinkler head is less wind affected because of water droplet size and the downward direction of water spray

Typical Sprinkler Installation

Typical Sprinkler Installation

Sprinkler heads are typically mounted around the perimeter of the dwelling in line with the top edge of the spouting and can also be fitted to the ridgeline.

Water from the sprinklers keeps accumulated debris in gutters wet and a curtain of water ensures that embers blown in by wind are met with water.

Water flow under pressure from a pump* is forced from the dual outlet spinner in a 360° spray pattern. Because water is placed between the fire and the building any wind driven flame or ember will be dampened.

You will often see a fireman advance on a fire with his hose spraying in a wide pattern to protect him from the radiant heat. The Platypus bushfire sprinkler works in much the same way.

*pumps able to provide the required operating pressure at the sprinkler heads can be petrol or diesel driven pumps. Mains powered electric pumps can also be used but we recommend a back up genset is also considered.

Sprinkler Pressure, Flow and Spacing Guide

Install sprinkler nozzles along the roof fascia and/or ridgeline according to the guidelines below.

Nozzles available in the following sizes Maximum spacing between sprinkler heads Nominal flow rate at 300kPa
2.5 mm 3.5 metres 6 lpm
3.2 mm 3.5 metres 9 lpm
4.0 mm 4.0 metres 14 lpm



Residential Ember Protection

Residential Bushfire Protection

The Platypus Sprinkler system is designed for maximum protection of your home from ember attack in the event of a bushfire or wildfire.

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Commercial Ember Protection

Protect your commercial assets with the latest ember sprinkler system, designed to protect your business from ember attack in the event of a bushfire or wildfire.

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Public Asset Ember Protection

Save public assets from bushfire or wildfire ember attack with a smart and simple Platypus fire sprinkler system.

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