About Us

Founded and Designed by Jamie Boyles, Platypus® Sprinkler launched into the market in 2014 as the sensible ember protection solution.

A qualified and licensed water supply plumber with more than 30 years experience in pump and water supply plumbing, Jamie leads a team of qualified installers who design affordable and sensible ember protection systems tailored to meet the specific needs of individual customers.


We are committed to sourcing pumps and water supply products from reputable manufacturers and suppliers giving you confidence that anything you buy from us is high quality, high performance, reliable, affordable and comes with our outstanding after sales service promise.

As professional industry specialists, we guarantee to install products exactly to manufacturers installation and warranty instruction giving you confidence and peace of mind that your pump and water supply system will work first time, every time.

Customer service

We offer a convenient full service offering by assisting with, and managing installations of Platypus ember protection systems Australia wide, through our network of installers or your chosen plumber.
From onsite inspection for your new ember protection system through to product recommendation and supply, we can do it all.

You can commission our services for:

  • Sizing of pipe work, pumps, tanks and associated equipment
  • System design
  • Quotation
  • Installation and commissioning
  • A recommended maintenance program that ensures your Platypus sprinkler system runs smoothly to avoid costly breakdowns and to protect your investment into the future

We also consult and advise on existing pump, water supply and ember protection system problems you may be experiencing.