Great News, we have partnered with M2M One to supply Telstra or Optus SIM Cards that can be installed & tested in the Platypus Controller prior to shipping.

What does it cost:

For 1 user $25 per month for 100 Text Messages.
For 2 user’s $40 per month for 180 Text Messages.
For 3 user’s $60 per month for 270 Text Messages.
For 4 user’s $80 per month for 360 Text Messages.
For 5 user’s $100 per month for 450 Text Messages.

An outgoing message from the controller is counted as one (1) Text message for each of the mobile numbers it’s sent too – for example Status message from controller is sent to Owner 0418 xxxxxx and User1 0412 xxxxxx = 2 text messages.

SMS Quantity Limit

Any user who goes over their monthly plan SMS quantity will be charged a small additional fee. The current cost is approx $10 for 50 additional SMS. If you consistently find you are going over your limit you can upgrade to a higher monthly plan.

How It Works:

Simply complete the User information form below including the credit card authorisation, and we’ll do the rest. The form provides us with the following information:

– Owners name & mobile number
– Installation location (for example Beach House or Town name)
– Installer’s name & number and that of any additional users (4 max) so that we can enter these prior to shipping.
– User/s name & mobile number (max 5 incl owner)
– Credit Card details for the ongoing subscription payment

To set up your subscription fill out the form below and choose the subscription option you want:

  • MasterCard

Customer service

We offer a convenient full service offering by assisting with, and managing installations of Platypus ember protection systems Australia wide, through our network of installers or your chosen plumber.
From onsite inspection for your new ember protection system through to product recommendation and supply, we can do it all.

You can commission our services for:

  • Sizing of pipe work, pumps, tanks and associated equipment
  • System design
  • Quotation
  • Installation and commissioning
  • A recommended maintenance program that ensures your Platypus sprinkler system runs smoothly to avoid costly breakdowns and to protect your investment into the future

We also consult and advise on existing pump, water supply and ember protection system problems you may be experiencing.